Exploring the Culture of East Java

Jungle explorers walking tour

This package offers a trip through the Seloliman tropical forest to appreciate the splendidly rich biodiversity, tracing the source of the river to where it emerges as a spring in the middle of the Seloliman tropical forest, and also an introduction to the historical site of Jolotundo Temple.

Length of the hike time is around 2 hours and the hike passes through the jungle for a distance of 3 km.

Temple discovery tours – Option 1

Historical Tour of the ancient Majapahit Site

This trip offers visits to the relics of the Kingdom of Majapahit. The journey starts from PPLH Seloliman, going to the Majapahit Royal Sites (Tikus Temple, Bajang Ratu Temple, Trowulan Museum, Segaran Pond, Brahu Temple), and then to the Maha Vihara Sleeping Buddha. This trip lasts approximately 6-7 hours, and travel is mainly by car.

Temple discovery tours – Option 2

Tour of the Eastern Slopes of Mount Penanggungan

This trip offers not only visits to fascinating cultural heritage sites, but also to stunning and cooling waterfalls on the eastern slopes of Mount Penanggungan. This ecotourism trip combines historical sites and natural attractions, starting from visiting Dlundung Waterfall, Kakek Bodoh Waterfall, Jawi Temple, Candi Belahan Tengah, Sumber Tetek and Jedong Temple. This trip takes 6-7 hours and includes a drive all the way around Mount Penanggungan by car.

Temple discovery tours – Option 3

Hot Springs tour

The hot springs that come out of Mount Welirang are the desination for this exciting trip. You will visit several amazing natural attractions, starting from the Buddha Arca Forest Area, Pacet Hot Springs, Cangar Hot Springs and ending in the orchards of Batu Malang to pick apples. This trip takes 8 – 12 hours and passes through the Welirang mountainside forests heading for the Batu Malang area by car.

Rural countryside tour

On this trip you will see for yourself the environmental education facility of  PPLH and the Seloliman tropical forest area by exploring, observing and experiencing various types of plants rich in medical, health and nutritional benefits. Visitors will also experience the cooling flow of the natural spring water in the Seloliman Tropical Forest. The trip does not stop there; visitors are introduced to the charm and beauty of the terraced rice fields, by passing through rural areas, seeing the social activities of the village community, including production of locally grown coffee. The journey continues towards our Micro-Hydroelectric power plant which is in the middle of the rice field area where you will see the process of how the energy of water is converted into electricity. The trip is around 2.5 km on foot and takes around 4-5 hours.

Hiking – Option 1

Mount Penanggungan Peak Hike

Mount Penanggungan has an altitude of 1600 meters above sea level, making it very attractive for beginner climbers, and for those who are used to conquering mountains! On this trip, your guide will explain to you about the different sights along the way. The view of the sunset or sunrise is especially beautiful from the peak of Mount Penanggungan. At certain spots along the way you may be lucky to find Edelweis flowers growing. You will take in a number of historical heritage sites and temples. This hike will take around 4-6 hours, and the can be started at night or in the morning, in time for sunrise at the peak.

Hiking – Option 2

Hiking Situs Candi Gunung Penanggungan

This package offers a trip from Seloliman Ecolodge, to the temple sites located on the slopes of Mount Penanggungan and Mount Bekel. Here you will visit Jolotundo temple, Putri temple, Gentong temple, Lurah temple, and Full Sodo temple. This trip starts in the morning, starting at 08.00 – finished.

Cooking Classes

For seasoned home cooks or complete beginners, our cooking classes will immerse you fully in the cooking process. You will also experience the use of environmentally-friendly cooking methods. You can even order your own BBQ package and barbeque together in the restaurant.

Traditional Marketplace visits

Experience the hustle and bustle of the local traditional market; see, smell and taste the remarkable variety of fruit, vegetables and other produce sold, and even test out your haggling skills with the local traders! The local market is about 10 km from Seloliman Ecolodge, and is a must-see part of the local culture and community.