Eco Experience

Ecolodge Seloliman works to sustain tourism by working holistically in environmental education, sustainable farming, and cultural values. Our service and infrastructure are inspired by our beautiful and unique environment.

Energy Saving

The construction of our buildings was inspired by our local natural environment. Our simple, charming and comfortable rooms are built to make the most of the fresh air, sunshine, and mountain views.

Eco-Food: fresh, healthy dan local

Our restaurant is called Alas Restaurant, and its kitchen uses all fresh ingredients, totally free from synthetic food additives, such as MSG, and synthetic colourings. Our chefs specialise in cooking authentic Indonesian cuisine, especially Eastern Javanese food, rather than European style food.

Many of the ingredients used in our kitchens come from our EcoFarming Centre, and also from local farmers, which reduces the environmental impacts of transportation, and benefits our local communities.

Waste Management

We separate our organic and inorganic waste, utilising the organic waste as compost in our gardens and PPLH farm. Suitable kinds of inorganic waste such as plastic bottles and paper are used to make handicrafts as souvenirs which are for sale to our guests.

Ecolodge makes every effort to reduce all kinds of environmental impact.

Ecolodge’s Gardens

Our natural gardens and organic plantations are very pleasant, and have many kinds of plants and wild animals. You can easily guide yourself through our beautiful gardens.

Micro-Hydroelectric power plant

A good proportion of the electricity used by Ecolodge Seloliman comes from our Micro-Hydroelectric power plant, which uses the power of the nearby river to generate electricity. The power plant is managed by local people, blending in with the landscape of attractive rice fields and panoramic views all around, it is well worth taking a walk in a group, or by yourself.

Bio-filtration system

The waste water from our laundry, bathrooms and drainage is filtered through particulate filters before flowing into a special pool filled with sand and gravel and planted with water plants. These plants utilise the nitrates and phosphates present, resulting in clean, non-polluting water which safely flows into the river.

Water Heaters

Every bungalow at Ecolodge Seloliman has warm water supplied by a system of pipes which pass through a glass pyramid heated by the tropical sun. This in turn heats the water in the pipes, supplying hot water without the use of electricity.

Together, step-by-step, we are fostering an awareness and understanding of ecology and sustainable practices in Java, and the whole of Indonesia.