Welcome to the foot of Penanggungan Mountain

Experience the circle of life in Eastern Java

A pretty village near Mojokerto in East Java province, Seloliman is located in the foothills of Mount Penanggungan, a mountain of huge cultural and historical significance.

Enjoy your stay in the fresh air and mountain forest environment of  Ecolodge Seloliman. We have 8 types of Bungalow for up to 3 people with beautiful panoramic views of Mount Penanggungan and Mount Jambe forests.

Ecolodge Seloliman also has accomodation for groups of 5 and 8 people. Built in harmony with nature, on stilts in the middle of fish and lily ponds, you are bound to enjoy our rooms amidst the harmony and sounds of nature.

During your stay at Ecolodge Seloliman, you will not only gain a unique experience and insight into the history of The Kingdoms of Kahuripan and Majapahit, with Mount Penanggunan and tropical forests as the setting, but you will also help us by supporting our philosophy and activities, which are ‘nature conservation, ecofarming and sustainable tourism’.

Ecolodge Seloliman operates together with PPLH (Natural Environment Education Centre) Seloliman. PPLH Seloliman works to educate and create awareness about the importance of biodiversity conservation, along with community farming and ethical eco-tourism.